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Custom Pet Portraits

painting process part one
painting process part two
painting of a cute dog

How does the commission process work?

Step 1: Send me an email containing 2-3 high quality photos of your pet. Photos should not be blurry, have decent lighting, and be roughly at eye level of your pet for the best results.

Step 2: You and I will work out the details of your pet portrait including the color(s) of the background, accessories (bowties, glasses, etc.), and any other details you have in mind. Before beginning the painting process, I will require a deposit to be made upfront (rates listed below).

Step 3: Once the deposit has been made, all commissions are completed in the order that they are received. once I have started, please allow for at least 1-6 weeks depending on the complexity of the piece. If you have a strict deadline that you're working with, please let me know to see what we can work out. I will send regular photo updates to ensure your vision for the piece is being met.


Prices are fixed for a single pet in one portrait. If you would like multiple pets in a single portrait together, each additional pet will add $20 to the overall price of the portrait.

For example: A single, 11x14" pen and ink portrait of a single animal is $125. If you were to add two more animals to that same portrait alongside the first animal, the cost of the piece becomes a total of $165.

Three separate portraits of one animal each will each cost $125.

Acrylic Painting

Please Note: Square canvases allow for a maximum of one pet, while rectangular canvases (except for 8x10") allow for a maximum of two pets.

6x6" - $125

8x8" - $165

8x10" - $185

12x12" - $245

11x14" - $255

12x16" - $295

Pen and Ink Drawing

5x7" - $65

8x10" - $95

11x14" - $125

Shipping US and Canada only.

Shipping and sales tax not included in above prices.

To request your custom commission, please email me directly at Please include photographs of your pet in the first email.

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