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Portrait of the artist, Ryan Cox
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The artist, Ryan Cox, working on a painting
The artist, Ryan Cox, showing off a finished painting

My name is Ryan Cox, and I am a wildlife artist based in Fort Worth, Texas. Although my college degree is in graphic design, my dream has always been to make a living by combining my love of animals and art.

My love for the natural world began at a young age, when I was raised on a healthy diet of PBS nature documentaries and regular visits to the Fort Worth Zoo. For as long as I can remember, I have always manifested my love for animals through drawing, and that definitely didn't stop as I got older. Although I learned plenty of art basics in high school and college, I am largely self-taught when it comes to the subject of wildlife art. The skills I have now are the result of countless hours researching techniques and mimicking artists that inspire me. After college I went back to working at the same retail job I had kept for a few years and struggled to find graphic design work. I soon realized that the only way to make my dream of pursuing art professionally was to quit dreaming and start doing! 

My goal is simple: Build a career that is meaningful and fulfilling to me, and inspire a love for biodiversity and the natural world in all who view my art. We share our world with many beautiful creatures, and its my hope that through art we can all gain a greater appreciation for the wild world we call home.

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