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My name is Ryan, and I am a digital illustrator based in Fort Worth, Texas.

As a child, I was obsessed with two main things: Animals and drawing. I remember wanting to learn absolutley everything I could about wild animals both living and extinct, and I would devour an endless amount of nature documentaries the way some kids might with action movies.

My main goal with my art is to educate and inspire a love of the natural world and the creatures we share it with in kids both young and old. I would describe my style as a blend of cute and cartoonish, while keeping the anatomy of my characters somewhat grounded in reality for a touch of realism. My main inspirations are the works of great artists like Eric Carle, Steve Jenkins, and Charles R. Knight. When I'm not drawing (which is fairly rare) I can be found reading, writing, hiking, and watching any movie with animals or dinosaurs in it.

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