• The Art of Ryan Cox

It's been a while since I really sat down and juat drew a dinosaur. So I decided to brush up on my inking skills and draw a little deinonychus.

  • The Art of Ryan Cox

I decided to pracrice my human drawing skills by doing a little caricature of my biology professor. He's an interesting guy, to say the least. Very ambiguous as to whether or not he believes in evolution nd climate change, or whether or not he's an anti-vaxxer. All of which are concerning for many reasons.

  • The Art of Ryan Cox

I refuse to believe that deinotherium had a short trunk. Yes, its neck was slightly longer than modern elephants, but it was also twice as tall. So if it had a short trunk, it would have seriously had to bend down to get a drink. This would have made it super vulnerable to predators. The long trunk just makes more sense. At least it does to me, anyway.

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