• The Art of Ryan Cox

These two are from a story idea I had wayyyy back in middle school. It was supposed to be a whole "dragons vs. gryphons" story that never saw the light of day. Truthfully I don't remember a whole lot except a young gryphon ends up meeting a dragon from a far off country where there is no conflict between dragons and gryphons. I'm really happy with how these two turned out and I may do a few more designs in the near future.

Tiger/Golden Eagle

Red-Tailed Hawk/Cougar

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  • The Art of Ryan Cox

I recently learned about a little creature from Appalachian folklore called the "tailypo". He's a little creature, vaguely canine in shape, with long claws, and some say tufted ears. He used to have a long, beautiful tail that was shot off by a starving hunter. The creature demanded the hunter return his lost "tailypo", but then the hunter could not produce the tail (since by then he had eaten it), the creature killed him. Now it can be said that on dark nights you can sometimes hear a voice in the woods, looking for its lost tailypo.

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  • The Art of Ryan Cox

Trying my hand at some paleoart with an extinct canid from Miocene North America. I mainly drew it because I thought the name was funny

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